“I was referred to Jocelyn by a very good friend because I was having severe muscle spasms after knee replacement surgery. These spasms severely hindered my recovery. After several treatments she was able to calm the various leg muscles and move some accumulated fluid surrounding the knee which allowed me to get the maximum benefit from my exercises. I was so pleased with the result of her work that I went to her before and after my second knee replacement. In addition to being an incredible therapist technically, Jocelyn's empathy as a person is a very important part of her treatment.”

Tina G.

“Words fall short of what I can say about Jocelyn and her healing work on me. Jocelyn feels with her hands and intuitively knows where the source of the pain is. She then ministers to it with grace and tenderness. I feel safe and comfortable under her care, which is very important to me when I am in pain and feel most vulnerable.” 

Julie E.

“Jocelyn's education as a physical therapist, combined with her training with John Barnes,
guru of MFR, and her own personal empathy, make her a most effective therapist!”

Carol C., retired educator

Being treated by Jocelyn is a precious gift.  As both an experienced Physical Therapist, and an Expert John Barnes Myofascial Release practitioner, she combines sound medical knowledge with the “feeling” art of deep healing.  She has an unusual talent for sensing painful restrictions in the body, and identifying and treating their sources on a physical level.  At the same time, she leaves a compassionate opening for her clients to express and break down emotional barriers, revealed through tissue release, allowing the opportunity for deep, long-lasting relief.  I feel safe, respected, and cared for in her hands, both as a patient/client, and as a human being.

Debra S.